Solar Portable Computer charger

Model No:TSP-NC01

Our pair of 10 watts modules provides enough power to run and add some charge to most notebook computers. It will power most available Macintosh portables computers and 60% of available PC notebooks.

So, it is time you pack your computer with you on your next camping trip or just about anywhere you are far away from power source. Easy to use: just open it up to the sun and plug in the smart adaptor to the panel's built-in cigarette lighter socket. Connect the other end to your computer and you are all set. You may not even notice that you are miles away from home.

Our Notepower power is so versatile, it will power most 12 volts appliances than can plug into cigarette lighter socket. An example will be your DC corded cellular phone.

Panels comes in a rugged folding carrying case. It features a generous 10 feet cable to enable you to sit in the shade while using your computer. It measures 16" x 11" x 1/2" when folded and weighs less than 3 pounds. There is a two year warranty on the module. Our Notepower Solar Module and Smart Adaptor are sold separately.

The Smart Adaptor converts the 16 volt output of the solar module to anywhere from 10 to 30 volts to power your computer. This adaptor can also be used to power or charge your computer directly from a car cigarette lighter socket or any 12 volt battery with a cigarette lighter socket wired to it. The output voltage is determined by the Smart Cord output cord that is attached to it the Smart Adaptor. If you have more than one Notebook Computer, or if you change your computer model, you just need to order another plug-in Smart Cord to have the right voltage.

When you order, please specify the make and model of your notebook computer and we will supply you a Smart Adaptor and compatible cord. Due to variations in voltage and plug configurations on computers, Smart Adaptor must be matched to your computer. A few computer models may require higher-cost adaptor. Please have you computer nearby when you place your order. Smart Adaptor carries one year warranty.

Solar phone charger

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Maximum 3W, for 3V, 6V, 9V, 12V applications
Applicable for a wide range of household appliances such as mobile phones, radios, small CD players and car batteries
In book size, can be easily put into briefcases, handbags and even pockets
With built-in diode to prevent reverse charging
With battery cabin where you can charge 4 AAA rechargeable batteries, therefore, can serve as a charger as well as a power source

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