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Brief Introduction:

   Changzhou Wujin Chemical & L. Industries Corp. Ltd is a select organization whose members form some of China's most advanced factories. We owns many of these factories completely and others extensively. We have received manufacturing commitments and contracts from other Chinese manufacturers as well. We brings significant synergy, expertise, and exponential benefits to its Western alliance partners. Before a factory is chosen to become a member of the Changzhou Wujin Chemical & L. Industries Corp. Ltd organization, Our engineers are sent to work and live in the factories. This is to ensure that our high standards, processes, and safety regulations are met. China export 's Project Managers make frequent trips to our factories in China several times a year to oversee the manufacturing processes for our clients.

  Our Project Managers are in touch daily with our Chinese factory engineers to monitor and guide each stage of the manufacturing process. Communications between project managers and clients are as frequent as necessary to facilitate the detailed nature of each individual project and to provide clients with a measure of comfort and control.

  Our business cards reflect Changzhou Wujin Chemical & L. Industries Corp. Ltd benefits to you: Quality, Commitment, and Service. We an excellent and experienced alliance partner in China



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